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Fighters are represented player’s characters. Every Fighter comes with 8 different classes, each class has its own skills, abilities, and duties in the battle.


Fighter body parts are parts of a Fighter NFT that grant attributes and abilities. Every Fighter has four different body parts:
– Top (Super Move1)
– Face (Super Move2)
– Suit (Basic move set)
– Pants (Extra basic move)

Body parts make every Fighter NFT unique. With lots of different coaches (breeds), you may wonder how many combinations of body parts there are.

Body Part Attributes

Body parts are the foundation of a fighter’s stats. Each body part can add a significant amount of stat points to the base stats of a Fighter.


Potential Points

All Fighters have 10 Potential Points, which equate to their ability (or potential) to equip artefact. Each artefact that is equipped for a fighter will utilize some of the fighter’s Potential Points. When a Fighter has run out of potential points, no additional artefact can be equipped.

Basic Move

Each fighter is equipped with 3 basic moves to outmatch their opponents. Every basic move in battle will increase your Fighter’s Fighting Spirit if the target is hit, inch by inch. But “when it reaches a certain level, a Super move is unlocked!”

Super Move

Each fighter is equipped with 2 Super moves. The intensity of the fight is determined by the right corner of the skill, which indicates the fighting spirit used to cast the move.

8 Classes

One of the core mechanics of the game is learning about the Class system and understanding the Class triangle. In this guide, we will be exploring how the class system works, how it can affect your playstyle and how it can help you rise to the top of the Arena.

Front Liner

Mid Liner

Back Liner

Fighter Position

Fighter placement is one of the keys to success on the battlefield, allowing them to unleash their full potential. Each fighter possesses unique skills and abilities, and maximizing these talents requires a deep understanding of the battle at hand. Only by positioning yourself strategically and making the most of every move can you hope to claim victory.

Fighter Classification

Starter Fighters

Fighters that can be initially obtained by any player in-game during their adventures in Kryptopolis.

NFT Fighters

A special character with a unique design that sets each collection apart in the gritty world in Kryptopolis.

Fighter Balance Status