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Even if the Fighters are in the same class, each of them will have different traits. To make each Fighter unique, the game contains a pool set of traits that will be randomly assigned to the Fighter from the beginning.

The Fighter will have 1-3 different random traits based on rarity at hand that cannot be changed throughout the game.

Fighter RarityTotal TraitsGuaranteed Mystic TraitsGuaranteed Rare TraitsGuaranteed Common TraitsRemarks
Superior2130% Chance to get 1 Rare Trait
Rare2150% Chance to get Rare Traits
Traits Distribution Table

Mystic Traits

1ButcherMendingIf I kill Target, heal me 10% of my max HP.
2AwakeningSpiritMy single target attack skill has a 10% chance to steal 1 fighting spirit from an enemy fighter.
3WiseOthers15% chance to x2 rewards in Adventure Mode.
4EnergeticOffenseIf I attack the same target, deal more damage by 10% (Reset if I switch targets, using multiple targets skill or buffing allies).
5RegenerationMendingIf I’m not Last stand, heal me 3% of my max HP every round.

Rare Traits

6Second chanceOffenseThe first time when I enter Last Stand, Apply Cure and heal myself to 1 hp.
7SelflessMendingIf I died, heal my allies 20% of my max hp.
8ImposterOffenseIf the enemy is a fighter and has the same class as me I deal 15% more damage to that target.
9WealthOthersGain 5% more grit reward.
10Left AloneBuff/DebuffAfter allies have died, If I’m the last one alive, Grant me Shield and attack up x 5
11Frontline DefensePositionIf I’m in position 1, Grant me + 25% defense.
12First to drawSpeedIn 1st round of every wave, I go first no matter what (If other fighters have the same trait will result in random).
13Third time’s a charmOffenseif I missed 2 times in a row, the next attack will be crit and hit definitely.
14Fully AmpedOffenseWhen my FS is Full I deal 10 % more damage
15PlayfulOthersEvery wave has a 10% chance to reduce 10% the max HP of enemies in Adventure Mode.
16VampiricMendingWhen crit, 25% chance to heal me half of that damage. (Excluded Ultimate skill)
17JackpotSpirit7% Chance to double the amount of fighting spirit gained.

Common Traits

18ExploitCombinationI deal 10% more damage from Debuff Execution.
19PolishedSpiritStart the game with +1 fighting spirit.
20Quick BlockBuff/DebuffStart the game with Attack up Buff.
21HyperBuff/DebuffStart the game with Shield Buff.
22Danger SenseBuff/DebuffStart the game with Dodge up Buff.