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Team Building

Fighter Position

Fighter Position is the thing you have to always consider in your mind before building your team because if the fighter is not in their preferred position they’ll not be able to unleash their full potential, Skills of that fighter will be a factor in determining the perfect position for them.

There are 4 positions for one team the farther from the frontline the lesser risk of exposure to enemy skills.

– Frontline is the frontal position, Picking a tanker or fighter, Like Bodyguard or Destroyer which can sustain damage and withstand enemies for this position would be a good choice.

– Midline 1 is a flexible position that allows the player to choose any tanker, fighter or damage dealer to place in this position of your choice, Maybe Brawler, Duelist, or Acrobat?

– Midline 2 is also a flexible position that allows the player to choose a damage dealer or support to place in this position of their choice. Perhaps Allrounder, Duelist, Acrobat or Trickster would be good.

– Backline is the safest position for the team in normal circumstances and a perfect place for low HP fighters such as support, or backline damage dealer is really comfortable with this position, Definitely can’t go wrong with Stalker or Trickster.

Team Build Examples

There are an almost countless amount of combinations and strategies available in Kryptofighters! We wanted to see our player base potential and creativity to define what’s the META for them, but in case you’re lost and want some initial ideas here are 5 example team builds to get you started, and an idea of the strengths and weaknesses between them.

Remember, even the strongest fighter needs teammates! Successful players choose Fighters that synergize well with each other to correct their weaknesses and amplify their strengths.

Everywhere Build

Everything Everywhere All at Once!, This team has a very flexible position to be played, Each fighter has their own duty, and Everyone is key to winning the game.

Class Guide

Trickster: as support. With “ – Spirit Boost” her team will fulfill their fighting spirit bar faster than normal allowing her team to gain an advantage over the enemy or “ – Relax” to help her team to recover from the damage. To support herself, “ – Soul Kiss” will help her heal HP from her attacking and charge fighting spirit bar at the same time.

All-Rounder: as a support damage dealer. “ – Purification” is required to cure everyone which will help your team much when you gain a lot of debuffs. Attack skill such as “ – Raising Spear” allows Allrounder to attack multiple enemies, Make allrounder very flexible to use depending on the situation. “ – Scatter” is an optional skill for applying “Dazed” to frontline and mid-line 1. This will be helpful when the frontline enemy is super strong.

Duelist: as a main damage dealer. With “ – Burning Kick” and “ – Storm” Duelist can deal massive damage to an enemy and combo by themselves. Charge your spirit with “Burning Kick” and unleash her spirit with “ – Storm”. “ – Switchup” will help her to quickly move out of dangerous positions while gaining “SpeedUp” at the same time.

Bodyguard: as a tanker. With “ – Block Charge” or “ – Brave Charge” Bodyguard will position himself at the front to absorb the damage for the team and with “ – Taunting” he will redirect all of the skill to him instead of his team. “ – Brave Wall” or “ – Taunting” is required for this build. Bodyguard need “Shield” to protect his allies.

Strong Against

Shuffle Position Build: in this team, everyone is very flexible with the position so if the enemy shuffles your position, It’s will not really matters also Bodyguard has his Holdfast buff so he won’t get pushed away from his position so easily.

Weak Against

Combo and Execution Build: the weakness of this team is they have meager damage output even though it’s multiple targets also there’s almost no swap position skill for this team so they will be a sitting target for combo attacks and debuff execution.

Full Damage Build

A full power team comes with 2 mains damage dealers. Destroyer is a key to get rid of tough enemy as fast as possible.

In the other hand, It’ll be difficult to unleash ultimate skill because of charging fighting spirit issue.

Class Guide

Destroyer: as a main damage dealer. With “ – Rampage”, cost 1 fighting spirit bar to deal the most powerful damage to one enemy.
This will help the team to get rid of tough enemies as fast as possible. However, to charge his fighting spirit bar, Destroyer needs at least 1 or 2 skills that can restore his fighting spirit bar, such as “ – Earthquake” for an AOE damage or “ – Shockwave” for stunning the enemy.

Acrobat: as a main damage dealer. “ – Double Kick” is required for this build. This skill has high damage output and applies “Bleed” to the enemy which will help Destroyer to clear a frontline enemy. “ – Indomitable Will” or “ – Chi Control” are recommended too. The 1st one will give ATKUp x3 to himself. The second will give Dodge Up x3 and Crit x1. It’s up to the situation which one will require for your team. Maybe both are better. If one of your fighters has “Set Combo”, “ – Sun Rising Kick” is recommended. However, Acrobat will have a charging fighting spirit issue as same as Destroyer.

Brawler: as a tanker. “ – Counter Shield” is required. Gain Shield and Counter x2. If a player needs Brawler to be more supporter, “ – Harmonic Turbo Drive” is recommended for applying ATKUp x 1 for her team. Also, Don’t forget about the attack skill that can restore her fighting spirit bar.

All-Rounder: as a flex character. He can be a main supporter or a damage supporter. “ – Purification” and “ – First Aid” are required for the main supporter. Don’t worry if you have only one of them, that’s fine. Shifting him to a damage supporter with his attack skill such as “ – Twist Burster” would be a great option for synergizing more with the team, If your Destroyer has “ – Shockwave”.

Strong Against

Low Damage Build: You can see the difference in the damage output between you and the opponent team. You can deal the powerful damage that takes your opponent’s fighter down each by each while they just try to drain a little bit of your Brawler’s HP.

Weak Against

Damage Overtime Build: Bleed and Poison will be the true problem for this team. Even your fighter won’t hurt much, but you will lose some HP everytime when your turn has come. So you need to pay more attention to defending which is not the main concept of this build.

Shuffle Build: Many skills in this build are fixed position. If opponent use a team with “ – Push” or “ – Pull”, this team will be paralyzed.

Shuffle Position Build

Many team will be fixed position for each fighter which will make them super strong. However, what will happen if you can mess their position? Their team will be destroyed!

This team require skills that have
– Push” or “ – Pull”. Those skills are keys to success for this team. However, damage output for this team will not high much.

Class Guide

Trickster: as support. She serves the same role as in “Everywhere Build” which can be used with this team too. “ – Spirit Boost” is still key for this team to charge Duelist’s fighting spirit bar that will help Duelist use her ultimate skill to mess up all opponent’s positions.

Duelist: as a main damage dealer. “ – Burning Kick” is can charge her fighting spirit bar while dealing heavy damage to a frontline enemy.
Her ultimate skill, “ – Gigantic Huricane” is a key to destroying an opponent’s position because the effect of her ultimate will randomly shuffles all opponent’s positions. And if Duelist comes with a skill that contains “Push”, she can play as support damage too! Which will help her be more flexible.

Brawler: as support damage. “ – Chainpull” or “ – Grappling Hook” are required for this build. Both are great but if you have one of them, that’s still fine. “ – Chainpull” is the best for pulling backline enemies such as a boss. “ – Grappling Hook” is the best if the player needs to mess up one of the fighter’s positions (Except backline). It’s going to be great if Brawler has “ – Harmonic Turbo Drive” which will help Duelist to deal more damage.

Bodyguard: as a support tanker. “ – Stand Strong” is required for this build. This skill will prevent him from any “Push” or “Pull” from the opponent.
– Brave Charge” is better than “ – Block Charge” as a supporter because of “Push” effect that will help you rotate the opponent’s position. But if you want him to be the main tanker, “ – Block Charge” is better. “ – Heavy Push kick” is recommended to help you rotate the opponent’s position which will help your team when the frontline enemy is too powerful. So send them to the backline!

Strong Against

Combo and Execution Build: Many combo and execution skills come with a fixed position and order of usage, This build will help you destroy their strategy by messing up all positions and interrupting their win condition.

Weak Against

Everywhere Build: No matter how much or how messy their position is, Everywhere Build can still make trouble for you. So stay focused on their action.

Combo and Execution Build

Team building is important for this team. Each fighter must support each others to unleash the powerful team combination.

This team required skills that contain “ – Set Combo” , “Execute Team Combo” and all of 3 “ , , Execute Debuff Combo” to deal the highest damage in every turns.
This team require at least 1 “Set Combo” fighter and 1 “Execute Team Combo” fighter.

Class Guide

Stalker: as a support Setter or Trigger. A good Stalker for this team should have one of the skills that contains “Set Combo” or “Execute Team Combo”, his duty will depend on them. For the setter, “ – Death Mark” is required. The player may need other skills that can restore the fighting spirit back. It’d be great if that skill is a “ – Dynamite Bundle” because of high damage and “Execute Team Combo” will make Stalker can be a setter and trigger at the same time.

All-Rounder: as a main trigger. “ – Harmonic Attack” is required for this team with “Execute Team Combo”. “ – Flashing Strike” or “ – Twist Burster” is recommended in this team. “ – Flashing Strike” can play with “Weak” and “ – Twist Burster” can play with “Stun” which will increase the damage. For these 2 skills, will change All-Rounder to support trigger, if he doesn’t have “ – Harmonic Attack”.

Destroyer: as a main damage. Destroyer is key to applying debuff like “Stun” that can be combo with “Execute Stun Combo”. To increase more damage, “ – Berserker” is recommended for this team. Destroyer can also use “ – Wild Slam” to deal more damage to an enemy with “Weak”.

Brawler: as a support tank. “ – Counter Shield” is required for the tank. Also, “ – Grappling Hook” is recommended if players need more than 1 setter. This skill can apply “Set Combo” to one enemy which will help another setter when they can’t do their duty.
– Cross Punch” and “ – Steel Smash” are great for supporting main damage and trigger team combo.

Strong Against

Low Damage Build: Because we can deal high damage with “Execute Team Combo” and can still deal more damage with 3 of “Execute Debuff Damage”. This team will make trouble for an opponent for sure.

Weak Against

Shuffle Position Build: Many skills in this team are quite fixed positions. So, if you get messed up from the shuffle position build, it’ll make you play more difficult.

Bleed and Poison Build

Dealing damage for everyturn with damage overtime
such as “ – Bleed ” and
– Poison”. With 3 powerful fighters, this build will make opponent suffer from pain.

Class Guide

Stalker: as a main damage. Stalker requires at least 2 “Poison” skills.
– Venomous Blade” and “ – Toxic Bomb” can apply “Poison” x2 but will consume 1 fighting spirit. “ – Toxic Blast” is recommended for applying “Poison” x3 and restoring 1 fighting spirit. Try to concentrate on the fighting spirit bar.

Acrobat: as a main damage. Acrobat requires at least 2 “Bleed” skills.
– Double Kick” is recommended for high damage output and apply “Bleed” x1. If one of your fighters has “Set Combo”, “ – Mark Evill” can combo with it. “ – Evill Bleed” is a great “Bleed” skill because of x3 duration and +1 fighting spirit.

Destroyer: as a support damage. Destroyer can apply AOE “Bleed” with 2 important skills, “ – Bone Breaking” and “ – Dead Blood”. If players need more damage, “ – Rampage” is still recommended for this build.

Bodyguard: as a tanker. Players can use Bodyguard from “Everywhere Build”, His sole purpose in this build is to protect and redirect damage to him as much as possible to prolong the fight long enough for bleeding and poison high stacked damage.

Strong Against

Low Damage Build: Even though most of the player fighters have quite HP, The team with low damage output can’t make trouble for you.

Weak Against

Full Damage Build: Because of the low HP in this build, This team will easily be defeated.