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Combination Attack

Combination Attack and Debuff Execution

Team Combination

Set Team Combo

Execute Team Combo

Some fighters have a special buff in their skills called “Set team combo” which marks the enemy when hit. If another team member attacks the same marked enemy with Execute team combo it triggers a combination attack that deals more damage and can summon the fighter who marked the enemy, along with up to two additional team members, to join the attack.

Debuff Execution

Attack the enemies while they’re weak!!!, Some fighters got a special interaction when their enemies have a certain debuff which you can notice by the symbol in their skill, For example, this is the “Stunned Execution” if the fighter uses this skill on the enemy that has stunned they will deal extra damage to them.

Stunned Execution30% Damage if the target has stunned
Weakened Execution30% Damage if the target has weakened
Locked Execution30% Damage if the target has locked