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In KryptoFighterrs, there are five elements Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and electricity.

Each element has unique characteristics that give it its own gameplay flavour, create different reactions with other elements, or even strengthen your team when resonating with itself.

Element Weakness

Each element can deal more damage when it’s against an advantaged element. Conversely, damage will be decreased when it’s against a disadvantaged element.

Element Resonance

While having characters of differing elemental alignments lets you trigger a lot of reactions, having two characters of the same elemental alignment also benefits your party by triggering an Elemental Resonance.

Elemental Resonances give your team bonuses depending on the element.

Infernal BlazeIncrease ATK by 15%.
Majestic OceanIncrease HP by 10%.
WhirlwindIncreases Speed by 10% and Dodge Rate by 10%
Great MountainIncrease Move Resist by 20% and Stun Res by 15%.
Thunder VoltIncrease Crit Rate by 10% and Accuracy by 15%.
Four different elementIncrease MaxHP by 10%.Increase Defense by 10% and Debuff Res by 15%