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In KryptoFighters, every skill can be levelled up by using the artifact, improving various aspects of them at a cost. This also makes the value of each improved Fighter higher, discouraging the player from taking too many risks while using them, for fear of losing all the resources spent to enhance them.

Each artifact that is equipped for a fighter will utilize some of the fighter’s Potential Points. When a Fighter has run out of potential points, no additional artifact can be equipped. Additionally, it’s worth noting that these artifacts can also be transformed into NFTs.

Here, we introduce you to some artifacts that are currently available.

Metal Knuckle2+ Crit Rate 5%
Crowbar2+ Attack 5%
Taser2+ Stuned Rate 5%
Tony’s Molotov1+ Crit DMG 10%
Radiation Tank+ AOE Damage 5%
Boxing Glove2+ Attack DMG 1
Boxing Helmet1+ Stuned Resist 10% (1 Turn)
Green Military Helmet2+ Dodge 5%
Desert Military Helmet3+ Move Resist 10% (1 Turn)
Red Boxing Ankle4+Cri Rate 10%
Blue Boxing Ankle3+ ACC 10