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Fighters are represented player’s characters. Every Fighter comes with 8 different classes, each class has its own skills, abilities, and duties in the battle.

Even if you received the Fighter in the same class as your previous one, their skin, abilities, and aptitudes are randomly generated, making each character stand out uniqueness amongst others.

8 Classes

Different classes, Different fighting style:

Personality Trait

Personality traits determine a fighter’s skill set with a passive ability included, making strategic choices based on each character’s unique attributes is crucial for success in battle.

Fighter Skill

Each fighter is equipped with 4 unique skills and 1 ultimate move to outmatch their opponents. The intensity of the fight is determined by the right corner of the skill, which indicates the fighting spirit used and gained during the battle.

Fighter Position

Fighter placement is one of the keys to success on the battlefield, allowing them to unleash their full potential. Each fighter possesses unique skills and abilities, and maximizing these talents requires a deep understanding of the battle at hand. Only by positioning yourself strategically and making the most of every move can you hope to claim victory.

Fighter Classification

Junior Fighters

Fighters that can be initially obtained by any player in-game during their adventures in Kryptopolis.

Pro Fighters

A special character with a unique design that sets each collection apart in the gritty world in Kryptopolis.

Fighter Balance

Fighter Position