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Super Moves

Unveiling the Secrets of the Legendary Fighters

the super move is the most formidable attack that a fighter can execute. However, accessing this move requires more than just button mashing. To unleash it, the fighter must first store up the fighting spirit gauge by utilizing its basic move.

It is crucial to understand that when the super move is unleashed, the fighter sacrifices their Fighting Spirit at once. This means that the fighter must refill the gauge before they can use the super move again.

Here, we introduce you to some super moves in the current time of Krypto Fighters.

IconSkill NameEffectSP Description
Final StandSelf:
Heal 25%
x1 AttackUp
x1 Shield
4Heal 25% and gain x1 Attack Up and Shield if fighter is in last stand.
x3 ShieldEx
x3 Holdfast
3Gain ShieldEx and Lock for 3 turns.
CycloneDMG: 10-15

x3 Push
x1 Locked
3Deal 10-15 DMG. Push x3 and apply x1 Locked to a single enemy.
Tornado KickDMG: 10-15

*Swap 2 POS*
3Deal 10-15 DMG. Swap fighters for 2 postions.
x2 Disarm
4Apply x2 Disarm to a single enemy.
Team CombinationDMG: 20-25

Trigger Team Combo
2Deal team combination for 20-25 DMG to a single enemy.
Heal 40%
3Heal 40% of target maxHP.
Suspicious PotionEnemy:
x2 Weakened
x2 Blinded
2Apply x2 Blinded and Weakened to a single enemy.
Drone StromDMG: 10-153Deal 10-15 DMG to enemies.
HailstormDamage: 20-252Deal 20-25 DMG to a single enemy.
Smoke BombDMG: 10-15

x1 Blinded(65% chance)
3Deal 10-15 DMG to enemies. 65% chance to apply x1 Blinded.
Poison BladeDMG: 15-20

x2 Poisoned
4Deal 15-20 DMG and apply x2 Poisoned to a single enemy.
Kangfu MasterySelf:
x2 AttackUp
x2 Crit
x2 Dodge Up
3Gain x2 Attack Up. Crit, and Dodge Up.
Unbreakable FortressSelf:
x3 Immortal
3Gain x3 Immortal.
Fade StrikeDMG: 10-153Deal 10-15 DMG with guarantee hit.
Chain PullDMG: 15-20

Pull to frontline
3Deal 15-20 DMG and pull a single target to frontline.
Gigantic HurricaneDMG: 5-10
x3 AttackUpEx
x3 Crit
4Gain x3 AttackUpEx and Crit when this fighter is alone.
First-Aid PlasterSelf:
Heal 10%
2Heal 10% of maxHP to self.
ShockwaveDMG: 15-20

x1 Stunned
3Deal 15-20 DMG and apply x1 Stunned to a single enemy.
Lighting StrikeDMG: 20-30

x1 Push

Move Frontline
3Deal 20-30 DMG and push x1 to a single enemy. Move self to frontline.
Savage StrikeDMG: 10-15

x1 Stunned
4Deal 10-15 DMG and apply x1 Stunned to enemies.
Counter ShieldSelf:
x2 Shield
x2 Counter
3Gain x2 Shield and Counter.
Shadow GuardAllies:
x2 Guarded
x2 ShieldEx
4Apply x2 Guarded to allies and gain x2 ShieldEx.
Aegis BarrierAllies and Self:
x3 ShieldEx
4Apply x3 ShieldEx to allies and self.
Cosmic BarrierSelf:
x3 Shield
x3 DodgeUp
3Gain x3 Shield and Dodge Up.
Bone BreakerDMG: 15-20

-1 Shield or ShieldEx
(If enemy has Shield)

+1 Shield or ShieldEx
(If enemy has Shield)
3Deal 15-20 DMG to a single enemy. If the enemy has Shield or ShieldEx, Steal them for 1 duration.
Shield BashDMG: 15-20
+5 per self Shield or ShieldEx
3Deal 15-20 DMG. Increase +5 DMG when this fighter has Shield or ShieldEx.(Max +15). Also decrease FS up to the amounts of Shield or Shield Ex.
Ground SmashDMG: 15-20

x2 Dazed
3Deal 15-20 DMG and apply x2 Dazed to enemies.
Safety FirstSelf:
x3 ShieldEx
x3 Stun Resistant
3Gain x3 ShieldEx and Stun Resistant.
Taunt and TackleSelf:
x3 Provoke
x3 Counter
3Gain x3 Provoke and Counter.
Taunting TacticAlly:
x3 Provoke
x3 Shield
3Apply x3 Provoke and Shield to an ally.
Strike BackAlly:
x3 Counter
x3 Shield
3Apply x3 Counter and Shield to an ally.
Hound CommandDMG: 17-22

x2 Bled
3Deal 17-22 and apply x2 Bled to enemies.
Heal 3%(Get hit)
x1 Attack Up(Get hit)
3Heal 3% of maxHP and gain x1 Attack Up when get hit for
Thorn ArmorEnemy:
x1 Weakened(Get Hit)
3Apply x1 Weakened to an attacker when get hit for 2 turns
Hyper SerumSelf:
x1 ShieldEx(Round Start)
3Gain x1 ShieldEx on round start for
Hard ComboSelf:
x1 AttackUp(Successfully hit)
3Gain x1 Attack Up when successfully hit target for
Savage ComboSelf:
x1 Crit(Successfully hit)
3Gain x1 Crit when successfully hit target for
Vigilant FocusAlly and Self:
x2 DodgeUp
x2 Counter
2Apply x2 Dodge Up and Counter to self and ally.
Dragon FuryDMG: 30-40
x1 Weakened
5Deal 30-40 to a single enemy. Gain x1 Weakened and Bled.
BodyslamDMG: 15-25
x1 Stunned
4Deal 15-25 DMG and apply x1 Stunned to enemies.
Khoa ChaiyaDMG: 15-20
X1 Shield
x1 Stunned
4Deal 15-20 DMG and apply x1 Stunned to a single enemy. Gain x1 Shield.
Mech BlasterDMG: 15-205Deal 15-20 DMG to all enemies.
Howl of the BeastEnemies:
x2 Disarm
5Apply x2 Disarm to all enemies.
TurbulenceDMG: 10-15
x1 Shuffle
4Deal 10-15 DMG and shuffle all enemies.
Death ScytheDMG: 10-15
x1 Bled
x1 Weakened
5Deal 10-15 DMG and apply x 1 Bled and Weakened to all enemies.
Blossoms BlessingSelf and Allies:
Heal 15%
3Heal 15% to all allies.
Crescent-Moon KickDMG: 18-23
x1 Dazed
3Deal 18-23 DMG and apply x1 Dazed to a single enemy.
EarthquakeDMG: 10-15
x1 Stunned(25%)
4Deal 10-15 DMG to all enemies and 25% chance to apply x1 Stunned.
Disco FeverSelf and Allies:
x1 Crit
x1 AttackUp
x1 SpeedUp
Heal 10%
5Apply x1 Crit, AttackUp, SpeedUp, and Heal 10% to all allies.
Team UnitedSelf and Allies:
x1 AttackUp
x1 Shield
x1 Stun Resistance
+1 FS
3Apply x1 AttackUp, ShieldUp and Stun Resistance. Also +1 FS to all allies.
Smoke BombDMG: 10-15
x1 Blinded
4Deal 10-15 DMG and 80% chance to apply x1 Blinded to enemies.
Toxic BombDMG: 10-15
x1 Dazed
4Deal 10-15 DMG and apply x1 Poisoned to all enemies.
Flamingo StrikeDMG: 18-23
x1 Push
3Deal 18-23 DMG and push x1 a single enemy.
Lighting KickDMG: 10-153Deal 10-15 DMG to enemies.
Team First AidSelf and Allies:
Heal 10%
+1 FS
3Heal 10% and +1 FS to all allies.

These super move skills represent the pinnacle of martial arts mastery, each one unlocking a unique and powerful ability that sets the wielder apart from the rest. Whether you are a master fighter or just starting out on your martial arts journey, these skills offer a glimpse into the incredible potential that lies within us all.