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Ultimate Skills

Unveiling the Secrets of the Legendary Fighters

the ultimate move is the most formidable attack that a fighter can execute. However, accessing this move requires more than just button mashing. To unleash it, the fighter must first store up the fighting spirit gauge to its max by utilizing its skills.

It is crucial to understand that when the ultimate move is unleashed, the fighter sacrifices all of their Fighting Spirit at once. This means that the fighter must refill the gauge before they can use the ultimate move again.

Here, we introduce you to 8 of the most incredible and sought-after ultimate skills in the current time of Krypto Fighters.

ClassIconSkill NameEffect Description
BodyguardUnbreakable FortressDefense: ∞
Resistance: ∞

Buff Duration: 3 Turn
A secret ultimate move within the empire’s military forces as a powerful technique that provides unrivaled immortality.
BrawlerMetal FuryAttackUp+ 

Buff Duration: 3 Turn
A special man-made technique that unlocks the user’s full potential by removing the limitations that are held back.
All RounderDisarm*AOE Disarm

Duration: 2 Turn
A mysterious enigmatic aura that disarms all enemies, leaving them vulnerable.
DestroyerFist of GodDamage: 50-100From the legendary fighter Ente comes the Fist of God, the ultimate skill that harnesses raw power to deliver devastating blows.
StalkerBlockbuster BombDamage: 20-25
A unique bomb art technique that harnesses the power of the elements to deliver a devastating strike.
TricksterHoly RescueFull HP Restore
(Allied Target)
Passed down from Rufus, the greatest magician of his time as a mysterious technique that harnesses the power of magic to save those in need
DuelistGigantic HurricaneDamage: 5-10

*Shuffle all enemies

Lock Enemy
Duration: 3 turns (enemy positions)
Known only to the true blood of the Cho royal family as a legendary technique that harnesses the power of the elements to unleash a devastating storm.
Acrobat Dragon ClawDamage: 40-60A revered martial arts maneuver that is an ancient technique passed down through the Wang family, known for its incredible power and grace

These 8 ultimate skills represent the pinnacle of martial arts mastery, each one unlocking a unique and powerful ability that sets the wielder apart from the rest. Whether you are a master fighter or just starting out on your martial arts journey, these skills offer a glimpse into the incredible potential that lies within us all.