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Skills are the available special abilities in Krypto Fighter. Each Fighter may have up to 4 combat abilities and 1 ultimate move active after creation to create different Builds and Combat strategies.

Combat skills can be leveled up by using the Guild building in the Dojo, improving various aspects of them at a cost. This also makes the value of each improved Fighter higher, discouraging the player to take too many risks while using them, for fear of losing all the resources spent to enhance them.

Skills in Krypto Fighter are used in two ways, either to attack Enemies or to buff yourself or your allies with various effects. This page covers a list of all the available skills that are featured in Krypto Fighter.

3 Different Skill Types

There are 3 different skill types in Krypto Fighters which determine by colour.



In Krypto Fighters, each skill has a requirement for casting. Yellow represents the required position, which means fighters must be in the yellow position to be able to use the skill. The pink part shows the target position the skill can attack.

Sample PatternTypeDescription
Two pink dotSingle attack target with 2 targetable position
Pink dot connected.AOE Attack target (Mid-Line)
Yellow dot with green border connected.AOE Buff.

Skill Panel

Skill Effect

There are various Status Effects that could occur in a battle from a skill use which could give the player an advantage or disadvantage, depending on the buffs and debuffs received.

Fighting Spirit

When using each skill, a number will indicate how much Fighting Spirit (FS) will be gained or lost, and accumulating FS until the gauge is full will cause the Fighter to unleash a powerful Ultimate Move.

Ultimate Move

the ultimate move is the most formidable attack that a fighter can execute. However, accessing this move requires more than just button mashing. To unleash it, the fighter must first store up the fighting spirit gauge to its max by utilizing its skills.

Explore a list of all the available skills in Krypto Fighter.