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Spirit Stone

In the realm of street fighting, ancient Spirit Stones have emerged. Those who wield them gain legendary strength and abilities, turning the tide of battle in their favour. Equip the Spirit Stones to harness their immense power and become street champions. Gear up and unleash the primitive power in the ultimate battle for supremacy!

Each type will grant your fighter a different benefit in their aspect and increase the stat, Some have a condition engraved within them If the fighter manages to fulfil their request it will grant them even more power in the field.

Spirit Sockets

Star SocketRhombus SocketTriangle SocketCircle SocketHexagon Socket
Status RelatedDefensiveOffensiveTurn RelatedPosition Related
Every fighter has 2 Spirit Sockets, Each socket has a socket shape to fit the stone in, The shape of the socket of the fighter is determined by their master(Parent).

The rarity of Spirit Stones

The type of Spirit Stones is how the stone responds to the user and can be classified into 3 rarity

  • Common Stone is a bland and normal Spirit Stone that will give you a little benefit.
  • Corrupted Stone is a stone that slowly deteriorates user health by its alluring power, It will give you a massive benefit but you will also receive a in exchange.
  • Blessed Stone is a stone that boosts users’ hearts and minds, It will give you a massive benefit however it is extraordinarily rare among the others.

Spirit Stones can be NFT or non-NFT, and seasonal or nonseasonal.

Seasonal and Non-Seasonal

There are 2 types of Spirit Stones Seasonal and Non-Seasonal, Some Spirit Stones have a limited time for crafting and using. These runes are labeled as ‘Seasonal’ which will be not able to craft or equipped after the season ends.

NFT and Non-NFT Spirit stones

NFT Spirit Stones are crafted using $JAB and Spirit Shard. NFT Spirit stones can be minted and traded in the marketplace.
On the other hand, Non-NFT Spirit Stones are crafted without the use of $JAB, and can also be obtained from an in-game shop or unlocked by participating in our event as announced in our social media. These stones cannot be minted or traded in the marketplace. 

Additional Crafting Material

While crafting there will be an additional slot for you to fill in the optional material to increase the chance to get other types of Spirit Stones other than common stones.

Spirit Shard

Here, we introduce you to some Spirit Stones that are currently available.

Savage Stone15% chance to get x1 AttackUp when successfully hit an enemy.
Guardian Stone15% chance to get x1 Shield when successfully hit an enemy.
Reflection Stone15% chance to Counter 10 DMG to enemy attack.
Dodger StoneGain x1 Speed Up if successfully dodge the attack.
Curse Stone10% chance to apply x1 Weakened or Attack Down to an enemy if gets hit.
Last Stand Mastery StoneIncrease 25% DMG when HP is lower than 20%
Bloody Stone Heal 20% of maxHP when successfully landing Crit.
Vexing StoneRandomly remove 1 buff from an enemy that successfully landed crit.
Knockback Stone15% chance to push x1 when successfully hit an enemy.
Precision StoneGain x1 AccUp when the attack is missed.
Frontline Fury StoneOn round start, Increase Crit DMG for 30% if self is in Frontline.
Increase Crit DMG by 20% if self is in MID1.
Life Link StoneIf some ally is eliminated, heal Fighter 30%
Vanguard StoneGain 30% Res Move if self is in Frontline.
Instinct Hexagon StoneIf the team have less than 4 fighters, there’s a 30% chance to gain x1 DodgeUp every round start.
Underdog StoneEvery turn starts, if an opponent has more fighters than yours, guarantee a successful hit.
Quickdraw Precision StoneOn round start, If I start the turn first, gain x1 Crit.
Safeguard StoneOn round start, 30% chance to gain x1 ShieldUp
But if I start the turn last, there’s 30% chance to gain x1 Weakened.
Resolution StoneIncrease Crit Rate by 8%.
Delayed Dash StoneIf I start the turn last, gain SpeedUp (x1)
Eagle Eye StoneOn round start, 30% chance to gain Acc Up (x1)
But if I start the turn last, there’s 30% chance to gain Blinded (x1)
Razor Claw StoneIncrease Acc by 10% and Speed by 4 units.
Vitality StoneIncrease max HP by 10%.
Resilience StoneIncrease Debuff Resistance by 10%.
Instinct Star StoneIncrease Dodge Rate by 7%
Swift Purple StoneIncrease Acc by 10% and Speed by 4 units.