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Basic UI

Battle Basics

Skill Prefered Position

In Krypto Fighters, each skill has a required position for casting. Yellow represents the required position, which means fighters must be in the yellow position to use the skill. The pink part shows the target position the skill can attack.


3 possible actions: Use Skill, Move Position, or Skip to be chosen in each turn

Turn Order

The turn order shows a sequence which fighter can take their next action. It changes dynamically at the start of every turn and considers the speed of each fighter combined with a random number to decide the new arrangement.

HP Bar

Your Fighter’ remaining health is displayed through the floating bars below, and in order to emerge victorious, you must deplete the health of your opponent’s 4 Fighters to 0 before they can do the same to yours.

Fighting Spirit

Every basic move in battle will increase your Fighter’s Fighting Spirit if the target is hit, inch by inch. But “when it reaches a certain level, a Super move is unlocked!”


As progress through the storyline and conquer their foes, you’ll unlock new junior fighters, collect victory stars, and climb the ranks to become the ultimate street champion.