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Game Guide

How to Play?

Combat Mechanic

Before the battle starts, you have to select four Fighters and assign them to different positions. The battles are turn-based. In most cases, the battle lasts until one side is completely defeated. During your turn in the combat, there is no option to retreat. Therefore, you should choose your Fighter’s skills and manage your team and resources wisely. Your goal is to knock down the enemies.

Basic UI

Battle Basics

Fighter Position

An astute understanding of positioning and targeting to maximize the impact of your skills. The yellow dots indicate the optimal position to showcase your skills, while the purple dots represent the target’s position, the areas where you can aim to land your strikes.


The choice is yours but chooses wisely. Unleashing the skill that could turn the tide of battle? Taking a breather and skipping your turn to regroup? or Repositioning your fighter to gain an upper hand.

Turn Order

The turn bar shows when a fighter can take their next action. .Turn order is randomized at the start of every turn. Each unit’s speed stat only provides a boost to its initiative roll, making it more likely for it to go first.


The 3 main stats players need to keep an eye on are HPAttack, and Speed. But there’s more to the story than just these

Fighting Spirit

A bar that is just below your HP bar. Every action taken in battle might cause your Fighting Spirit to fluctuate, inch by inch. But “when it reaches its peak, the ultimate move is unlocked!”


After each hard-fought battle, regardless of mode, players will have the chance to earn valuable rewards. These tokens can be used to bolster your fighters with upgraded equipment, unlock special features, or recruit new fighters to join your club.