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Coaching Guide

It’s WooHoo time!

Impart the most unique skill from the master down to the apprentices creating the prominent fighter the world’s ever has


  • At least 3 Master Fighters
  • Master Fighters must be at least Level 20
  • $KF and $JAB shall be used in the procedures

New Fighters are freshly minted NFTs on the blockchain and new characters within the game.


  • Each eligible Fighter can only coach up to 3 new Fighters in total and only once every 5 days.
  • Process Duration: 5 Days (the new Fighter will be represented as an Unknown Apprentice)
  • The master Fighter(s) that are used in the mentoring process will still be playable in-match (not in coaching) during the 5-day incubation period of the new Fighter.​
An Axie with eggs

How To Coach

Click Breed

Prepare Your Master Fighters

First, open the Marketplace and log in, if you aren’t already. Go to your Inventory, click on one of the Axies you want to breed and then click Breed.

Both Axies must be in your Inventory in order breed.

Select a mate

Select Your Mate

Click on the outline of an Axie to browse for your desired mate.

Confirm the breed

Let’s Breed!

Click Let’s Breed to confirm the breed. A Ronin confirmation dialog will open. Click Confirm and wait for the transaction to complete.

You will need SLP and AXS tokens in order to breed. Check out the Resource Requirements section for more info.

Axie egg

Hatch Countdown

An egg will appear in your inventory. Click on the egg to view its current state. After 5 days, you’ll be able to hatch your egg!

Resource Requirements

Breeding an Axie costs SLP and AXS. The amount of SLP depends on how many times the parent Axies have been bred. The AXS portion is variable and subject to adjustment based on economic factors.

Check out the Breeding Costs Table for current SLP and AXS breeding requirements.

Acquiring SLP and AXS

SLP can be earned in-game by playing Arena or purchased on Katana.

AXS can be purchased on Katana.

An happy and excited Axie

Helpful Tools

Breeding can be complex, particularly if you are trying to create offspring with a very specific set of body parts. You also have to account for changing AXS and SLP prices, stay on top of the current meta builds and track Axie availabilty on the Marketplace. On top of all of this, you have to deal with random mutations that can sneak into your otherwise perfect lineage!

To make your life a bit easier, the Community has created a variety of tools that you can use to help plan your breeds.

Breeding Costs Table

Breeding Costs Table

The Breeding Costs Table shows exactly what resources you need to breed virgin Axies. The total costs automatically update to reflect live ETH, AXS and SLP prices.

breeding costs table

Breeding Calculator

Breeding Calculator

The Breeding Calculator is a more in-depth version of the Breeding Costs table. It allows you to calculate total costs and estimated ROI for complex breeds, accounting for SLP and AXS in your inventory and expected Parent/Offspring sales.

breeding calculator

Breeding Simulator

Breeding Simulator

Before you breed, use a Breeding Simulator to check the possible genetic makeup of the offspring. Breeding Sims are a great way to select parent Axies with the highest chance of producing offspring that have the desired genes.

breeding simulator


Ready to do some breeding?

Head over to the Marketplace to find the Axies you want to breed!