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Welcome, New Fighterians

Welcome to Krypto Fighters!

Get ready for an exciting journey of battling, trading, and collecting unique characters. Explore our vast universe, hone your strategy, and become the ultimate champion.

Our comprehensive guide has everything you need to get started and emerge victorious. From battle strategies to character collections, we’ve got you covered. So gear up, get ready to take on the competition, and let the battles begin!


Fighters are represented player’s characters. Fighter comes with 8 different classes, each class has its own skills, abilities, and duties in the battle.

Personality Traits

The Fighter will have 2-3 different random traits based on rarity at hand that cannot be changed throughout the game. traits can be inherited by coaching from generation to generation.


Each fighter is equipped with 4 unique skills and 1 ultimate move to outmatch their opponents. The intensity of the fight is determined by the right corner of the skill, which indicates the fighting spirit used and gained during the battle.


Rare items provided their possessors with unparalleled power and skills, enabling them to surpass anyone on the streets to a greater extent.

There are two different types of Fighters that you can collect: Starter Fighters and Pro Fighter. Don’t forget – you’ll need a team of 4 Fighters in order to play!

Pro Fighters

A special NFT character with a unique design that sets each collection apart in the gritty world in Street Fighting.

Starter Fighters

Free off-chain fighters that can be initially obtained by any player in-game with a fixed set of skills to the battlefield. You can unlock more Starter Fighter by playing Adventure Mode!

How to Play?

Krypto Fighters – the ultimate turn-based RPG game where you and your fight club gather fearless fighters to take on wicked villains and other players in the ultimate street-fighting showdown!

Basic UI

Battle Basics

Fighter Position

In Krypto Fighters, each skill has a requirement for casting. Yellow represents the required position, which means fighters must be in the yellow position to use the skill. The pink part shows the target position the skill can attack.


3 possible actions: Use Skill, Move Position, or Skip to be chosen in each turn

Turn Order

The turn order shows a sequence which fighter can take their next action. It changes dynamically at the start of every turn and considers the speed of each fighter combined with a random number to decide the new arrangement.


Your Fighter’ remaining health is displayed through the floating bars below, and in order to emerge victorious, you must deplete the health of your opponent’s 4 Fighters to 0 before they can do the same to yours.

Fighting Spirit

Every action taken in battle might cause your Fighting Spirit to fluctuate, inch by inch. But “when it reaches its peak, the ultimate move is unlocked!”


As progress through the storyline and conquer their foes, you’ll unlock new junior fighters, collect victory stars, and climb the ranks to become the ultimate street champion.